​​​​​​​Internationally-acclaimed singer, songwriter, musician and poet Gary Miller from County Durham in North-East England is probably best-known as co-founder, principal songwriter and frontman of pioneering folk-punk band The Whisky Priests, who gained international cult status in the 1990s/2000s and influenced many artists on the current Worldwide Folk and Folk-Punk scene.
With over 250 published songs, over 1,500 live performances in over 20 different countries, a lengthy discography, and many diverse international collaborations, Gary's experience throughout the music industry is extensive. His songwriting commissions include film themes and soundtracks, theatre projects, museum projects and touring exhibitions.
Gary runs his own label Whippet Records (established in 1988) and is a qualified and internationally experienced community arts practitioner and songwriting workshop leader. He has also worked as an artist's agent for an international folk, blues and world music agency, and as a music industry tutor.
Continually striving to push the boundaries of his creative horizons, Gary is currently developing and working on a range of new projects, both solo and in collaboration with partners from various creative disciplines.

"As a song poet, there are few in the world today to match him." (Green Man Review, USA)
"A writer of cleverly-composed mini-epics." (RnR Magazine, UK)
"One of the most literate and insightful songwriters in the world of Folk-Rock. He touches on every level of human emotion. And his melodies are equally as brilliant as his prose." (All Music Guide, USA)
"Miller writes great songs. His ability as a songwriter who captures folk sentiment and communal memory must now be unquestioned." (froots, UK)

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